Alfie asks Kat if she’s received her decree nisi. When she admits she has, it’s obvious that both of them are crushed. After spending the morning with Kat and Tommy, Alfie gently tells Kat they need to move on. Kat insists Alfie will never love Roxy the way he loves her. Meanwhile, Roxy arranges a surprise candlelit dinner for Alfie, still worried that he hasn’t mentioned his divorce. When Alfie walks in, he tells Roxy that he doesn’t deserve her, getting down on one knee and proposing!

Denise is still annoyed with Ian for tricking Lucy over the businesses. When Ian reveals that he’s being blackmailed by Carl, she asks Carl to go easy on Ian, only for Carl to insist he won’t let up until he gets his money. Realising the situation is serious, Denise asks Phil to have a word with Carl, but Phil gets nowhere. Ian gives Carl £3,000. Carl insists he’ll add on interest until he gets every last penny back.

Michael gives Janine a belated birthday present for Scarlett. When he tells Janine he’d like the three of them to celebrate Scarlett’s birthday together, Janine isn’t impressed.  When Michael later bumps into Janine, she tells him that she wants to have a birthday celebration after all – tomorrow.