Alfie has big news for Eddie

Michael’s dad Eddie Moon arrives in the Square. Eddie saves little Amy when she runs into the road, but is clipped by the car himself. Eddie is fine and he heads to the Vic. Michael spots his estranged father in the pub and is shaken. Meanwhile, Alfie introduces his uncle Eddie to baby Tommy. Eddie leaves Alfie his number in case Michael ever wants to contact him. Alfie reveals that Tommy is his grandson.

Shirley is suspicious that Phil is lying about going to his support meetings. Shirley follows Phil when he heads to the meeting but Phil sees her and assures her that she can trust him. Rainie is at the meeting. She tells Phil she misses him. Phil returns home and finds Shirley wearing her engagement ring again. Phil decides not to mention that Rainie was at the meeting.

Carol and Ricky go to court for Bianca’s sentencing. Later, they celebrate as Bianca has been given a lenient sentence. Carol tries to convince Ricky not to take the job in Dubai, but Eddie is in the pub and tells Ricky he should grab the opportunity. Ricky decides to accept the job. Carol is furious with Eddie.

Also, Afia and Tamwar are at odds over having Masood at their wedding.