Alfie has it out with Michael

Alfie holds a Mexican-themed party in the pub to make up the money he owes Michael. Alfie can’t deal with a sharp-tongued Kat. He visits Michael and hands over the money and reveals he saw Kat and Michael kissing. Back at the Vic, Kat admits she kissed Michael. Alfie snaps and destroys the pinata. Alfie tells Kat that he can’t deal with her being cold and ungrateful. Alfie tells Kat that she’s to blame for Tommy’s death.

Roxy watches the CCTV from the club after a complaint by David. Thief Whitney has been caught in the act and Roxy demands David’s wallet. Janine tells Whitney they’re going out again to find more men to scam. Whitney refuses so Janine demands her key back. Whitney goes to the Butchers’, but no one is home. Whitney spends the night in the cold in an allotment shed.

Afia tells a gutted Tamwar that her dad has offered her a round-the-world ticket and she’s going alone. Tamwar realises that Masood had something to do with her decision. Masood tries to sabotage the orders at the restaurant. Masood confronts him and he demands to know why Masood has destroyed his relationship with the girl he loves. Tamwar tells Masood to call Yusuf and make things right.