Kat’s freaked out to see a bunch of roses propped against the Square railings, opposite her bedroom window. An anxious Kat tells Alfie she wants to go to Germany with him. Alfie tells Kat that he can’t get any cover so she’ll have to stay and look after the Vic. Kat later receives a scented candle with a note to light it and her lover will come knocking. Kat throws it away, but panics to learn Jean found the candle and has lit it in Tommy’s room. Kat jumps as there’s a knock at the door…

Carol and Bianca are at odds over who should be parenting the kids now that Bianca is back at home. Bianca is upset when she burns the dinner and the kids call Carol to sort things out. Carol reassures Bianca that’s it not a competition and Bianca will always be their mum.

Abi confides in Lola that she’s worried about losing Jay as his court appearance for perverting the course of justice is coming up soon. Abi prepares a romantic evening for Jay in the salon. As things start to get amorous, Abi breaks down, telling Jay she loves him and will be there for him no matter what.