Kat’s been in the police station all night after being questioned over the stolen dresses. Having called Alfie to help her out, she’s delighted when he arrives and takes her for a coffee in a cafe before bringing her home. Meanwhile, Roxy is on edge as Alfie has been out all night since their row. When he returns home he says he has been out walking, not mentioning he was with Kat.

Roxy watches as Alfie talks to Kat, offering to look after Tommy so Kat can run the stall. When Michael lets on that he knows Alfie played the hero with Kat, Alfie panics, worried he’ll tell Roxy. It’s Kat who lets it slip, however, when she apologises to Roxy for calling Alfie from the police station. Roxy angrily confronts Alfie, who says he’s made a decision… delighting her when he reveals he’s going to file for divorce.

Sharon recreates Valentine’s Night at the flat to make it up for having to work at the club the previous evening. She’s left waiting, however, as Jack is ignoring her texts to spend time drinking with Max and Alfie. When Jack arrives home, Sharon has gone, leaving a note. A rattled Jack finds Sharon with Phil, who has just got back from holiday.