Kat is barred from the Vic and sits on the kerb outside. Alfie asks her to come back in. Kat totters towards the Vic in her high heels, but slips over. Alfie rushes Kat to hospital to get her checked by the midwife. Kat and baby are fine. Kat realises that Alfie cares about the baby after all. Alfie takes Kat back to the Vic and he drops to one knee outside and asks Kat if she’ll renew their wedding vows.

Jane tells Christian that the adoption is the nicest thing Ian has ever done for her and her resolve to leave him is wavering. Jane reveals that Lucy had an abortion and Ian colluded with her. Christian is shocked and encourages Jane to leave Ian. Later, Kim has accidentally picked up Jane’s secret bank account letter and unwittingly hands it to Ian, who reads it…

Jodie is in shock after learning that Harry isn’t her father. Darren apologises for the way he broke the news and encourages her to talk to her mum. Vanessa tells Jodie that Harry has only just found out the truth. A devastated Jodie tells Vanessa to stay away from her.

Also, Alfie tries to fix a prize draw at the pub.

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