Alfie Nightingale sets up a green screen at home and digs out some costumes so that he and Jade can take ‘holiday’ snaps before her hospital appointment. He suggests the Nightingales and Osbornes go on safari together when he and Jade are better and is stunned when Marnie surprises them with holiday brochures. The celebrations are short lived, however, when Jade finds out her latest round of chemo hasn’t worked either.

As Mercedes returns after an all-nighter, Marnie demands £6,000 by the end of the day for the damage to Nightingale’s, or she’s calling the police. Meanwhile, Diego’s desperate for Myra to let him explain everything but he’s arrested for fraud. Later, Mercedes says goodbye to JJ and Lexi but she still wants to make Joe suffer. It’s Joe, however, who pays Marnie the £6,000.

Also, Courtney is growing suspicious of Cameron and pushes him for answers about Lockie. As Leela reveals the ‘truth’ about Lockie’s drug use, Courtney sets up a missing person’s page for him.