Alfie still loves Kat!

Alfie’s not in the mood for his stag do, but is convinced by Ian not to cancel the party games in The Vic. As the stags toast Roxy, a stressed Alfie heads into the Square to clear his head. At Kat’s, Bianca drops by while the hens are out with Roxy, with a bottle of wine to cheer her up. Kat tries to convince Bianca she’s not bothered by Alfie’s impending marriage, but doesn’t do a good job of hiding her true feelings.

After Bianca leaves, Kat is shocked to find Alfie at her door. Admitting to Kat he still has feelings for her, Alfie moves in for a passionate kiss. Kat responds but, guilty, she pulls away, telling Alfie to leave. Feeling overwhelmed by events, Kat finds Bianca, revealing that she’s decided she’s leaving Walford for good.

Meanwhile, Ronnie is becoming increasingly worried about the close bond between Kat and Alfie. Roxy gets into the party spirit at her hen party, delighted when Aunt Sal turns up. Ronnie can’t bite her tongue over her suspicions about Alfie and Kat, infuriating Roxy, who drunkenly tells her that she doesn’t want her at her wedding. On the way back from Kat’s, Alfie finds an upset Roxy and comforts her, keeping his kiss with Kat a secret.