Alfie tells Michael the tragic news

Michael turns up at the Vic and asks to see his son. Alfie breaks the news that his son has died. Meanwhile, Ronnie takes a crying baby to hospital, but the baby is fine. Kat approaches Ronnie on her return and confesses to Ronnie that Michael was Tommy’s father, not Alfie. Michael visits Jack, an old mate. Jack takes him to the club to catch up. Ronnie is horrified when Jack stumbles home drunk with Michael and she looks in panic from Michael to baby ‘James’.

Darren mopes about losing his job and his girlfriend. Jodie thinks Darren hates her and is persuaded into going out to the club with Lauren to cheer herself up. Lauren struggles to enjoy herself. Jodie is gutted when Darren turns up and kisses another girl. Darren realises Jodie is upset, but he’s too late to stop her leaving the club.

Janine takes Whitney to the club and one of the punters David showers Whitney with attention. Janine realises that David thinks she and Whitney are on the game. Whitney unwittingly invites David back to the flat. David is left with Janine at the flat as Whitney sets her room straight. Janine tells David that Whitney will cost him 50 pounds.