Alfie tries to fix his marriage

Kat asks Jean to remind her what she said about her marriage on Christmas Day. Her heart sinks when she realises what Alfie heard over the nannycam. Alfie tells Kat he’s booked them into marriage guidance counselling. Alfie turns up for the session, but Kat isn’t there. Alfie leaves abruptly after struggling to answer the counsellor’s questions. He finds Kat on the way out and lies that the counsellor was a no show. Kat insists it’s a sign that their marriage is fine.

Denise pastes up posters branding Phil as a murderer. Shirley is horrified when she sees the posters and sends Ben out to take them all down before Phil sees them. Shirley finds Denise and tells her that Kevin wouldn’t have wanted Denise to go through fresh anguish. She forces Denise to accept that Kevin’s death was just a tragic accident.

At the Butcher house, the family search for any evidence of Pat’s wishes for her funeral. Bianca tells David she’s happy to have him around as he helps her go through Pat’s paperwork. Ricky and Janine find a letter in Pat’s wardrobe from Frank incriminating Phil in the car lot fire. Ricky takes the letter for safekeeping, but he drops it and Patrick picks it up…