Alfie uncovers Aleks’s secret

Alfie is lumbered with a load of ice cream that’s not quite right from his latest dodgy deal. Encouraged by Kat to use his natural charm to offload the stock, Alfie does well – until Aleks fines him for trading without a food licence. When Alfie goes to the office to pay the fine, he realises Aleks is hiding something. Later, Alfie enlists Tamwar’s help to find out what Aleks has been up to on the computer, discovering that Aleks has a wife in Latvia!

Tina is under pressure from Tosh to impress on the day of her performance review with Ian. Keen to get on with it, Tina continually calls Ian when he won’t respond. An irritated Ian eventually turns up, having been dragged away from attending to a low Peter. Making it clear that he’s not impressed by her efforts, Ian sacks her. Terrified of how Tosh will react, Tina calls in a favour from Aunt Babe.

Carol steels herself for her consultation to go through the details of her mastectomy. Worried about the family’s financial situation, Carol decides to have a single mastectomy instead of a double, so she can get back to work quicker.