Alfie wants a baby

Kat is taken aback when Alfie suggests they should try for a baby with IVF. Kat discusses it with Jack, who says there’s no point papering over the cracks in a relationship. Alfie tells Kat that if she doesn’t love him he’ll leave. Kat agrees to the IVF. Meanwhile, Jack babysits James and takes him to the Vic with Michael. Ronnie’s upset when she finds out. She confronts Jack in the Vic and takes James home. A fed-up Jack asks Michael if he can work in the gym full-time.

Darren is struggling to cope with George on his own. Meanwhile, Heather’s upset when she can’t afford the lawyer’s fees to have George full-time. Patrick tells Darren that George needs two parents. Darren takes George to Heather and admits he needs her help. Jodie’s relieved that Darren has taken George to Heather’s and wants to get back together with him.

Tanya tries to give Abi advice on boys. Abi complains she’s not sure whether Jay really likes her or not. Jay visits Abi and they kiss, but there’s big trouble when Max walks in and catches them. Abi is furious when Max throws out Jay and Lauren has to call Tanya to try to calm the situation.