Alfie wants to know what Kat’s hiding…

Alfie is getting increasingly worried about Kat’s secretive behaviour, especially after seeing her talking to Max. Confronting Kat about his suspicions, they have a heart-to-heart. Alfie is shocked when Kat finally admits that she’s seen Stacey and has been trying to contact her. Their conversation is interrupted by a surprise arrival – it’s Stacey!

The Beales are in for a happy surprise when Jane returns on a visit. All accept Denise, who is put out when she discovers that it was Ian’s idea that she come to stay. When Jane learns that Ian is doing nothing about the market closure, she questions Denise, who fills her in on Ian’s plan to get compensation. Picking up on the tension between Denise and Ian, Jane presses Denise, who reveals that Ian’s unhappy after discovering she kissed another man.

Masood enjoys the attention from his daughter when she helps him smarten up a bit. With a new suit, Masood jokes that he’ll impress the ladies with his new look. Masood is shocked when Shabnam suddenly bursts into tears and wonders what’s up with her.

Also, the traders and stallholders band together to crash a secret council market meeting, much to Aleks’s shock.