Alfie is looking after the kids for Kat. When he discovers Tommy has Kat’s money belt, Alfie worries that there’s something up. Racing round to the flat, Alfie is relieved when Kat seems fine, saying she’ll visit him later. After leaving, the penny drops with Alfie that Kat’s planning to kill herself. Desperate to save the love of his life, Alfie breaks into the flat. Finding her still alive, he calls for an ambulance, praying that she’ll survive.

Ian and Jane plan their own remembrance for Lucy on the anniversary of her death. When Pam drops round with a wreath from the residents, they’re touched. Cindy soon stirs things up by claiming Ian and Jane are trying to use Beth to replace Lucy. After Ian opens up to her, Cindy decides to stay in the Square after all and let Ian and Jane adopt Beth.

Nancy gets Shirley in the barrel store to confess what happened to Dean on the day he disappeared. Horrified by Nancy’s revelations, Shirley furiously confronts the family, demanding answers. As the Carters erupt in a huge row, they’re stopped in the tracks by a shock visitor – it’s Dean!