Billy’s way is blocked by a man in a motorbike helmet in the alley and he’s stunned to discover it’s Alfie Moon! Over at the Slaters, Kat is trying to escape her pursuers by climbing out of a window. The thugs catch Kat and warn her that they want their 40,000 pounds back or they’re taking baby Lily. Kat throws money at the thugs as Billy and Alfie burst in brandishing fake CID cards and they make a speedy getaway.

Kat and Alfie argue over who has suffered the most during their six months of separation. Kat reveals that Jono and Lee ran off with most of the money. Kat confesses she told Mo that Alfie was dead because he’s ‘dead’ to her after the way he treated her. Kat reveals she’s heavily pregnant and tells a stunned Alfie that the baby isn’t his!

Minty is at George’s christening and gets missed calls from Sam. Minty suddenly deserts the ceremony and Heather finds him outside kissing Sam. She tells a gutted Heather that Minty never loved her, but lets slip that she’s only with Minty because he’s better than nothing! Sam leaves alone with the baby. Minty tells Heather he loves her, but Heather throws him out.

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