As the bin catches alight, Alfie takes Nana Moon’s framed photo and heads to Billy’s. What Alfie doesn’t know is that Kat returned early from the hen party and is asleep upstairs… As he’s hiding the photo on the stall, Alfie takes a call from Kat, realising with horror that Kat is in the house. Running back home, Alfie tries to open the front door but is thrown back by a massive explosion. Roxy and Stacey try to stop Alfie as he charges into the burning building.

The explosion alerts everyone in the Square to the fire, with Johnny and Peter rushing into the house. Soon they’re forced out by the flames, revealing they couldn’t get to the upstairs where Alfie and Kat are trapped. Alfie emerges carrying Kat, while Stacey’s relieved to discover the kids are safe at Whitney’s. Kat is rushed to hospital, fighting for her life.

Mick finds Sharon sitting alone on the Vic stairs after leaving her hen party. After some encouraging words from Mick, Sharon realises that she loves Phil and wants to marry him. Linda covers for a missing Sharon at the party when Phil wonders where she is. Sharon returns just as the Moons’ house explodes. Later, Sharon confesses to Phil she nearly ran away, but realised she wants to be with him.