Alf walks in and Marilyn is chuffed, but when the pair head to John’s, Marilyn feels on edge. She is like a stranger in her own home, but as the afternoon progresses, she and John chat away over tea.

Matt wakes up and tells Charlotte their night of passion was nothing more. The pair hear a knock at the door and Matt hides, but Andy clocks his skateboard. Later, Andy tells Matt to leave and offers Charlotte a shoulder to cry on. Later, Charlotte continues to drown her sorrows in drink and sees the ghost of Denny again. Fed up and needing a distraction, Charlotte falls back into bed with Matt when he comes to collect his car keys.

Roo asks Alf to dinner to meet James’s parents, until she finds out James’s parents have cancelled again. Maddy decides to snoop through his phone but when she finds what she’s looking for she confronts James about his plan to propose to Roo.