Alf and Romeo are exasperated by the boat-mooring saga and decide to just sink the mooring. If the council claims the mooring never existed, Alf is going to adopt the same story. But afterwards, their celebrations are cut short when Roo’s article about Alf and the history of his mooring appears in the paper.

Miles is worried when Casey’s absent from class and tells Gina about the flick knife. Gina flips and heads to Casey’s to expel him. Miles is horrified and suggests this is more about Xavier throwing away his schooling than Casey. Gina returns to find Xavier on her doorstep – he’s back for good. This motivates Gina to withdraw Casey’s expulsion, but he tells her to shove it.

Sasha asks Sid to put in a good word with Marilyn and Sid explains that, given the circumstances, it might be awkward. Feeling like Sid’s dirty little secret, Sasha finds solace in church and tells Elijah about her mother and the troubles at her new home.

Sid breaks the news to Marilyn, who’s keen to help. When Elijah later introduces Sasha to Marilyn and Roo, Marilyn is worried that Roo will discover who Sasha really is. Roo and Sasha bond over father issues… until they bump into Sid.