Alf’s helpless as Pippa fights for life

Alf watches in horror as a frantic Sally comforts Pippa while the ambulance arrives and the paramedics confirm the seriousness of her injuries. At the hospital, Ric, Cassie and Sally are shocked to learn that Pippa’s injuries are life-threatening. Can Rachel help save her life?

A guilt-ridden Alf breaks the terrible news to a concerned Brad, who rushes to a stricken Sally’s side. But Sally’s world begins to collapse when Pippa is suddenly rushed off for emergency surgery. Will she survive?

Meanwhile, Brad and Ric try to reassure Alf by telling him the accident wasn’t his fault as he couldn’t have known that Pippa was behind the Ute. But Alf is riddled with self-loathing and refuses to listen.

At the hospital visiting Annie, a sympathetic Geoff offers to lead a prayer for Pippa, but an awkward Cassie puts him off. However, when a distraught Sally attacks Alf, Geoff steps in to offer a prayer which ends in Sally and Brad standing silent by Pippa’s empty bed as they begin the grim and tense wait for her to come out of theatre…

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