Alf organises a welcome home lunch and decides to invite both Roo and Marilyn, despite the recent tension over Sid. Marilyn tries to make an excuse to not attend, but some support from Elijah gives her the strength to change her mind. At the lunch, things are tense between Marilyn and Roo and an argument erupts with both women making a swift and awkward exit.

April and Irene are doing their best to comfort a traumatised Bianca when Liam turns up on their doorstep unannounced. When Bianca storms upstairs, Irene is left to fill Liam in on recent events. April then lashes out at Liam for leaving and names Heath as Bianca’s attacker. Things only get worse for Liam after he learns that Bianca and Heath slept together while he was in rehab.

Xavier and Kelly can’t resist each other and have a snog. The next day, they agree to cool off their relationship in light of the promise they made to Gina. John clocks the chemistry between the two and questions Xavier about it. When Xavier eventually admits to John that there was a kiss, John makes Xavier promise to be careful and not let it go any further.