Alf’s under investigation again

Detective Graves, unbeknown to Alf, has acquired a warrant and searched the bait shop. Roo finds out and she and Alf check over the place, but can’t tell whether anything’s missing. Graves actually found a bloodied apron.

Robertson and Graves bring Will in for more questioning. They show him the apron and the interrogation heats up. Robertson presses and presses… and Will eventually cracks. He tells Robertson that he thinks that Alf might have been the person who killed Penn.

Sid is beside himself, having seen Marilyn sink below the surface of the water. She’s taken to hospital. As Sid waits anxiously, praying Marilyn will come round, he regrets dismissing Mitzy’s prediction as ‘hocus pocus’.

Marilyn’s heart stopped – she did actually die. Sid eventually nods off, to be woken by Marilyn calling his name. She’s OK! And she doesn’t appear to have any long lasting effects from her trauma.

As she lies in hospital, Marilyn starts to wonder just what she has put herself and everyone else through over the last couple of months – ever since Mitzy came to town. She remembers with horror that she’d sent out her farewell DVDs. Now there’s bound to be a backlash… especially from the likes of Colleen.

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