Gay couples in Emmerdale aren’t unheard of but their presence can still cause some of the locals to choke on their coffee and cake. Take Brenda (please!) for instance. Her blood pressure percolates faster than her coffee when she sees Ali and Ruby kiss. Oh, and they don’t just kiss – they do it in her coffee shop! The women are making up after arguing about Ali’s son Sean – an argument they had in front of Nicola, who’s also shocked to discover the women are more than friends. She can’t wait to announce their relationship in the pub, but the women have other things to worry about, such as Ali’s husband, Dan.

While Ali and Ruby are out and proud, Laurel and Marlon hide their feelings from everyone but each other. Sandy still has his suspicions and they’re further aroused after Ashley mentions him moving to a care home. Sandy thinks this is Laurel’s way of getting rid of him and tells her she has to prove to him she’s not being unfaithful to Ashley – or else.

Nikhil’s feelings are, as usual, confused. Jai encourages him to chase Gennie, but Katie gives him the idea that Gennie’s already been caught by Nicky.