While Gary lies in the hospital, Imran encourages David to plead not guilty on the grounds he didn’t understand boxing rules. Meanwhile, Zeedan tells Ali he found a steroid needle when he was clearing up after the fight. Ali is convinced that David must have taken steroids and that’s what made him attack Gary. But David insists he has never touched steroids, will Ali believe him?

Toyah is pleased to hear that Eva has signed the lease on a cottage in Lymm. But when the midwife at the antenatal class starts talking about the importance of the father’s involvement it is clear Eva is starting to struggle with the idea of giving up her baby.

Robert and Michelle are celebrating winning a competition (£500 and a crate of beer) when a woman comes in saying she saw Robert at the Boxing Match and she was impressed. She asks him to consider being part of a calendar she is doing, and while Robert is pleased to be asked, Michelle isn’t sure how he will react when he realises what it is for…

A nervous Aidan tells the girls he is their sole boss and offers £50 to the fastest machinist. Sean calls in to see Aidan but he doesn’t have time to see him. Carla calls in with a bottle of whisky for his desk drawer.

[First episode of the evening].