Ali goes for David! (VIDEO)

What on earth is going on??? Ali looks very passionate! Is she making a move on David? Yes – but she hasn’t switched back to the other team. She thinks David’s the father of Rachel’s baby and that he’s messing her little sister about. Ali’s passionate about looking out for Rachel so she’s ready to turn David into a Davina if he’s the one who got Rachel pregnant. Of course, the real father is Jai, who will never father another child if Charity ever finds out. For now, though, Rachel just wants to make it clear to Ali that David is not the father. Then she turns to Jai… That flat he offered in Leeds suddenly looks good to Rachel, who desperately wants to escape the gossiping villagers.

Zak thought he wanted to get away from Lisa, but he sits Lisa down and tells her he doesn’t want to go anywhere without her. He loves her. Goodness! Just what’s in those drugs he’s taking???? Whatever it is it works. Lisa is moved by Zak’s declaration and agrees to go away with him.

Katie wishes Robbie would go away – far, far away. And poor little Robbie doesn’t like that Katie doesn’t like him, so he threatens her. Silly boy! Katie could just step on him like he’s a bug – and that’s without wearing her heels.