Ali wants to kill Megan!

*Episode two*

Megan has pulled herself together and called an ambulance for Sean. But Ali has turned up and makes it clear to Megan that if that’s not enough then she’s going to kill her. And things do look bleak – for Sean and Megan. Dan has also arrived at Brook Cottage and has desperately tried – and failed – to revive his son. He’s convinced Sean is dead and, feeling helpless and defeated, he weeps for his son. Megan takes over pumping Sean’s chest until the ambulance crew arrives – he has to live!

Rhona’s life is a mess… She has a drug problem – and love isn’t the drug. Paddy’s not happy when he finds Rhona’s bag full of painkillers and Rhona’s desperate to persuade him that everything’s under control. ‘Throw the drugs away’, she tells him. ‘I don’t need them.’ So Paddy does! But the truth is Rhona is desperate for those drugs…

Alicia’s desperate to move on from David and has been on a date with Dom, the guy she has been resisting for weeks. But surprise, surprise, Alicia’s enjoyed herself! Maybe Dom could be more than her rebound guy.