Peace breaks out between Leopard’s Den and Mara wildlife parks after Danny saves the life of a white lioness – by breathing up its nose! It’s not exactly standard practice for a vet but Danny has a point to prove…

Danny is enjoying his life at Leopard’s Den, even more so with Alice on board. But when he injures himself and struggles to cope, he starts to think maybe he’s getting too old for the job. Danny’s confidence gets a bit of a boost when Vanessa, owner of rival reserve Mara, comes to him for advice. Rowan has come up with a way of attracting more tourists to Mara: by ‘green hunting’.

It means that animals are only darted by hunters, not shot. He’s even hired a vet for the project, a very 21st century vet called Lewis, who makes Danny feel out-dated. When a white lioness is wrongly darted, though, Danny uses his experience to save her life and Rowan and Vanessa are so grateful they make Danny and Alice the Mara’s vets.

Away on her honeymoon, Caroline also enjoys a triumph… The swanky hotel chosen by Du Plessis thinks it’s too good for him and the couple is not allowed into the restaurant. Caroline won’t stand for that, though and her revenge makes Du Plessis a very proud husband indeed!