Alice breaks Danny’s heart

Screened on Valentine’s Day, this episode is full of heartbreak for Danny after he pushes Alice into making her temporary move to Mara more permanent by infuriating her with his interfering…

Alice is enjoying working at Mara and has uncovered a lone male hyena that could use a mate. In steps Danny, who thinks he’s doing Alice a huge favour when he buys her a female hyena. That in itself irritates Alice; she gets angry when the female hyena attacks the male. As Alice operates on the animal’s injuries, Danny tries to take over and, infuriated, she throws him out, leaving him to lick his wounds.

The female hyena hasn’t done her worst yet, though… She turns on a honeymoon couple and the wife insists that the animal should be put down. Alice is furious and Danny is desperate to save the hyena. When it’s revealed that the animal is pregnant and was just defending her unborn pups, all is forgiven. Danny, though, digs himself a deeper hole by assuming that the happy ending means Alice will move back to Leopard’s Den. Instead, Alice is angered by how much he takes for granted and tells him they’re finished.

Meanwhile, Alice’s brother Rowan is also unhappy in love and dumps Vanessa. Does this mean he’ll have to leave Mara?