Alice gets her man!

Michael is determined to get back Scarlett, hoping to have Janine done for abduction. When Alice finds Janine and Scarlett’s passports, however, the police say if she’s still in the country there’s nothing they can do. Finding a depressed Michael in the Vic, Alice takes Michael’s hand, but he pushes her away. Later, when Alice accuses him of lashing out because there’s nothing left for him to control, Michael takes her hand and leads her into the bedroom!

Tanya is still determined that tough love will sort out Lauren. When Max finds out Tanya’s keeping Lauren under house arrest he insists it will make things worse. Leaving Abi in charge of Lauren, Tanya pops out, returning to find that Peter has visited. Thinking Peter has brought Lauren booze, Tanya is horrified when a smug Lauren reveals her ‘water’ bottle doesn’t contain water. Tanya realises that her daughter is alcoholic.

Carol blanks Masood, leaving him worried that he’s done something wrong. When Masood confronts her, Carol claims she’s been busy. Bianca has a word with Carol, who admits she thinks she’s going through the menopause. It’s been making her reflect on her past failed relationships. Not wanting Carol to lose her chance at happiness, Bianca encourages her to be honest with Masood.