Alice is attacked!

Alice has a makeover at the salon, but Derek is less than impressed to see his little girl plastered in make-up. A seething Derek warns Tanya she’ll regret this when she encourages Alice not to scrub it off. Outside the pub, Ray helps Alice when she’s pushed over by a mugger. Derek blames Tanya’s makeover, while Alice thinks Ray is her knight in shining armour!

Lola returns from youth court after entering a plea of not guilty. Cora realises how frightened she is of losing Lexi and encourages her to fight. With new resolve Lola apologises to social worker Trish for her attitude. But when Trish reveals Lexi may stay in care for at least eight weeks until a review, Lola loses it. Meanwhile, Phil still struggles to believe that Ben is Lexi’s father, despite Abi and Christian backing up Lola’s claim.

Syed is buried in the restaurant accounts as he continues to lie to Zainab that he’s sorted them. When Christian and the family start talking wedding plans a nervous Syed suggests they scale things down. Feeling that he’s running out of options, Syed arranges to meet Danny and tells him he wants to invest.