Curtis clocks sight of Tony outside the hospital – the gangster has been released from prison and is looking for revenge. Curtis tells Alice that they have to leave Holby immediately but she insists on finishing her shift. She’s bonded with female patient, Kat, but is oblivious that Kat is Tony’s girlfriend and has been sent to spy on her.

When Alice goes home to pack her stuff her mother tells her some friends have called in to see her. Kat and her mates are waiting for the naive nurse. They viciously attack Alice while using her mobile phone to film footage of her being beaten up which they send to a distraught Curtis.

Adam and Jordan’s new partnership gets underway but is tested when Adam has to leave the hospital to accompany baby Harry and Jessica to a check-up. Jordan is tempted to break his promise and do some lifesaving surgery unsupervised. Jordan makes a successful diagnosis and delegates most of the work to Ruth, but Adam is furious when he finds out what’s happened in his absence.

Also, Dixie coaches Jeff on what to say to his estranged wife, Lucy, about her new boyfriend ‘Uncle Alan’ but he can’t go through with it.