A conversation with Tess convinces Alice there’s more to Curtis’s behaviour than meets the eye. Tess reveals she accidentally overheard an abusive phone message he left for Tony about Alice. Knowing that Curtis would never contact Tony of his free will, Alice puts two and two together and realises that he’s trying to protect her from the man who killed his brother, Luke. Alice sends him a text message from Luke’s gravestone only to hear his ringtone nearby. Yet when she calls out to him, he won’t reveal himself.

Kelsey spends most of the day eating humble pie. Her colleagues are still seething over her insulting outburst last week when she thought she’d come into money. Jay offers to buy her plane ticket to Thailand to make amends for the prank but she has other ideas. She declares she’s going to Thailand to start a new life and will be taking £200 from Jay as compensation to help her on her way!

Adam finds being confined to cubicles tiresome. Jordan won’t allow him to return to resus even though the rest of the team are under pressure and could do with his help. Then a tragic encounter with a heroin-addicted patient helps him get things in perspective.

Later, Jay realises he’s now £200 down and jobless until Charlie offers to renew his contract. And after a caring pep talk from Charlie he accepts the offer.

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