Alice tries to impress Michael

Michael is furious to discover Janine has hired a nanny. Desperate to impress Michael, Alice snatches Scarlett when the nanny is distracted, telling Janine she found her unattended. Alice is triumphant when Janine fires the nanny, asking her to be Scarlett’s nanny instead. After telling Michael the news, a smitten Alice is disappointed that Michael is only interested in her keeping tabs on Janine.

Lola thinks Sharon is trying to buy her silence over her addiction when Sharon buys a new cot for Lexi. Panicking when Trish arranges a visit, Lola is sure she must know about Sharon and wants to take Lexi away. When Sharon invites them to a family dinner, Lola is anxious as Sharon takes Lexi to Phil’s. Billy is stunned when Lola blurts out the truth about Sharon.

Ian is back to his old self, ordering around the building contractors and spending the ill-gotten cash on top-of-the-range fittings for the restaurant. When Denise visits the site, she’s impressed, especially when Ian suggests she’ll need a raincoat to deal with all the cash he be splashing on her. Denise later turns up in a raincoat – and not much else!