*Second episode*

At the strip club, disgusted Alicia causes a scene as she tries to drag stripper Leyla off the stage. She’s horrified to have found out that her sister is earning her keep by taking her clothes off – but there’s barely time to get into that as police storm the club and arrest all the girls, Alicia included! Down at the station, they learn they’re being accused of soliciting for prostitution. David is going to blow his top when he finds out.

During her doctor’s appointment, Priya squirms as she’s questioned about her weight. Unwilling to talk about her eating problem, the pregnant barmaid instead legs it. When Jai hears his sister is struggling to keep food down, he confronts her, and is given short shrift for his concern.

Declan has played the landlord card and decided he wants to put Megan up in Brook Cottage after her stint in hospital. But this leaves Dom and his teenage daughter Gemma without a home – until Vanessa offers them rooms at her place.