*First episode*

Alicia can’t let the Leyla thing lie and forces her sister to meet up with her, despite David’s reservations. After they catch up, Alicia’s sad to say goodbye and keen to know more about her estranged sibling. Unable to resist, she follows Leyla and is stunned when she walks into a strip club. But not as stunned as when Leyla goes on to start up a saucy routine! Unbeknown to the patrons and workers, outside, the police are staking the joint…

Pregnant Priya is really suffering from morning sickness, and not wanting to eat. She manages to cover up her problem to her family – but in private scours the internet for advice. Feeling alone, it’s a harsh blow to the barmaid when David, her ex and the father of her unborn child, fails to show to take her to a doctor’s appointment.

Megan’s due to be released from hospital following her brush with death in the Home Farm fire. Guilt-ridden, Declan wants to take care of his sister and commandeers Brook Cottage for her recuperation.