Life can be so cruel – especially to Alicia. She lost Andy to Debbie (although Debbie didn’t want him), she was jailed for thumping Val (when she should have got a pat on the back), who was bad-mouthing David, and she’s unloved by David, the man she loves with all her heart (OK, he loves her but only as a friend). David’s going to marry Priya and, just to twist the knife, it’s Alicia’s job to organise their wedding at Home Farm… And this wedding won’t be like Alicia and David’s – the sham wedding they went through with just so David could look after Jacob while Alicia was in prison. Knowing this, Alicia swallows her hurt and starts divorce proceedings.

Ashley and Bernice divorced years ago, but now they’re living together again! It’s what Gabby wanted and she got it. So now Bernice and her lover, Steve, are living with Ashley and Gabby. Where does that leave Laurel, the woman who has been a mother to Gabby since Bernice abandoned her as a baby? It leaves her feeling very much like she has lost a daughter…

Rachel’s worried that she’s losing Sam as a friend because people keep gossiping about them being friends with benefits – and they’re not! OK?