Alicia goes on the rob – from Leyla!

Alicia needs money – fast. So she decides crime does pay and dips into Leyla’s stock of alcohol and cigarettes. She can flog the goods for a pretty penny and buy Jacob a birthday present every bit as good as the one he got from Justin. So that’s what she does. She’s almost caught in the act, as Leyla and David think they hear a noise in the shop, but by the time they’ve plucked up the courage to investigate, Alicia has made her getaway and they think they’re imagining things.

Nicola knows she’s not imagining things when she sees Kelly leaving Pear Tree cottage. She doesn’t want Kelly anywhere near Jimmy and pays Kelly a visit to tell her just that. Kelly insists she’s just in the village to see Bob but, later, tells Jimmy about Nicola’s warning. Big, daft softie that he is, Jimmy feels sorry for Kelly because she’s getting grief from Carl and Nicola and he tells her he’ll tell Nicola about their son.

Diane tells Marlon that she thinks she has a way for Chas to make The Woolpack her business – and without Diane lowering the asking price. Magic! Now she just has to tell Chas…