Alicia has a shock visitor

Alicia is worried when a solicitor turns up to see her. Caught off guard, she quickly makes herself scarce, but panics when she thinks it’s about her car which was stolen when Leyla borrowed it and she becomes even more unsettled when David admits he forgot to renew the car insurance…

Returning from their second date, Val and Tiny tumble out a taxi and head towards the B&B where they make their way to the bedroom. Meanwhile, Pollard has seen the pair return to the village and is absolutely crestfallen to see his estranged wife with the bread man! Inside, a naked Tiny is ready and waiting in bed – could this be the right time for Val to tell him about the HIV status? And if she does, how will he react?

With Kerry desperate for Dan to propose, she’s excited when he presents her with a small box. Is this the moment she’s been waiting for?