It’s question time for Alica, who is grilled by the police following her allegation that Lachlan assaulted her at Farrers on her birthday. But the married mum soon realises the young teenager has a very different opinion of what happened when she found him undoing her shorts as she woke from a drunken doze on the sofa. He’s told the detectives they’ve been in a relationship for weeks!

In total shock, things get worse for Alicia when she runs into the Home Farm clan and the accusations and insults fly. Soon, almost everyone knows what’s gone on.

For the troubled Kings, Jimmy’s 50th birthday, sees yet more strife for the couple. Jimmy’s not convinced by Nicola’s jolly act. Determined to cheer up his wife, Jimmy asks Lawrence if Nicola can go to Dubai in his place.

At the mental health unit, a nervous Lisa and Zak visit Belle. It’s been a year since Gemma died but they’re pleasantly surprised to see their daughter’s doing OK.