Alicia is dealt a double blow!

Well, Alicia offered David her heart, but he didn’t take it to cherish for ever. He broke it. He has made it quite clear that he doesn’t love her, not in that way, anyway. Devastated, Alicia would like to run away, but she has to go to court, to take her punishment for punching Val. And that punishment is a prison sentence! David, Pollard, Amy, Val and Nikhil are all shocked, but Alicia has nothing to say – and David knows that’s because he’s knocked all the fight right out of her.

Ali’s in the mood for a fight – with Ruby. She’s supposed to be having a reading lesson with her girlfriend, but instead of focusing on the words in front of her, jealous Ali chooses to read more into Ruby’s friendship with Laurel than there is and makes snide comments. Ruby’s furious and storms out.

Chas is furious, too. She should have left Emmerdale with Cameron but, instead, she’s still running The Woolpack and she tells Cameron he won’t be working there any more. He should be worried about Chas’s feelings, but the silly boy tells Chas he’s worried about what he’ll tell Debbie if she asks why he lost his job. And that’s when Chas roars at him to tell Debbie more lies. Simples.