In this Saturday’s series finale Casualty picks up directly from last Saturday’s episode where Alicia Munroe, stunned at having slapped Bea Kinsella, drove straight to the police station to report the attack by junior doctor Eddie McAllister, which has been tormenting her for months.

At the police station this week when Alicia utters the words ‘I need to report a rape’, her life changes forever. The police take her allegations seriously and arrest shocked Eddie at the ED. While Alicia’s allegations become common knowledge at work, both she and Eddie undergo in-depth interviews at the station, where CCTV footage that could make or break the case is revealed…

Alicia Casualty

Alicia and Eddie have a major showdown, and the truth is revealed

Later that evening emotions are running high when Eddie breaks his bail and confronts Alicia at her home, where the truth of the fateful night is revealed to viewers. But it’s not over yet, there are more shocks in store after the confrontation turns violent.
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Charlie and Duffy do everything they can to help the Barling family…

Meanwhile, the ED team battle to save the life of Cat, the wife of highly regarded surgeon Mr Jonathan Barling. With Cat suffering from life-threatening burns the team, led by Dylan, rally to save Cat and support Jonathan and his teenage son, Finn.

Also this week, Connie suspends Eddie while Alicia’s rape allegations are investigated. Bea leaves for the trauma course in Paris. Will she regret leaving Alicia alone in their shared flat in Holby? And, paramedics Iain and Ruby are faced with a call-out that has connections close-to-home, resulting in a race to get a critical patient to the ED and a thrilling cliffhanger…