Alicia puts David in the picture

So Alicia and David are still enjoying their honeymoon period, such as it is for the two newlyweds who have faked their marriage. David’s been snapping some ‘family’ photos and wants Alicia to say ‘cheese!’ – but she says ‘I love you!’ How’s that for a Kodak moment?! Alicia can’t lie to David any longer. She admits they didn’t have to marry because Justin isn’t going to pursue custody of Jacob, but she went ahead and said ‘I do’ because she does really love him. Does David feel the same? What David feels is shock and he runs off, leaving his new bride heartbroken.

More than Ashley’s heart has been broken; his spirit is in pieces, too. The villagers now know Ashley’s broke and homeless, but it’s Marlon who has a heart big enough to go out and look for him. And what Marlon finds shocks him… Ashley is on his knees, being taunted by the vile pair who stole his phone. Marlon races to his rescue and tells Ashley he can stay with him. Hmmmm, there’s no way that’s not going to be awkward!

Lisa feels a bit awkward as she thanks Charity for paying off the loan sharks. She’s wondering how she’ll repay her, but Charity tells her she doesn’t have to. Result!