Alicia Munroe’s shocking assault ordeal

The distraught doctor suffers an agonising day after a shocking assault

Last week viewers saw doctor Alicia Munroe leave the pub arm in arm with junior doctor Eddie McAllister. So why in this week’s Casualty is Alicia (played by Chelsea Halfpenny, who has spoken to us about the storyline) distraught and terrified later that night while Eddie sleeps peacefully beside her?

Chelsea Halfpenny excels as quietly traumatised Alicia

In a state of shock Alicia flees and later goes to work as normal, although clearly something terrible has happened. Desperate to avoid Eddie, Alicia volunteers to treat patients at a bus crash, but when she returns to the ED collapses as her rape trauma catches up with her. Doctor Ethan Hardy realises something’s wrong and steps in to treat her, but will Alicia open up about the night before?

Ethan has booked a single room for Leigh-Anne at the heartbreak hotel…

Elsewhere, Ethan realises he has to break things off with new mum Leigh-Anne when she wants to make their relationship more public, jeopardising his job in the process! How will heartbroken Leigh-Anne react when Ethan dumps her?

Jacob is determined to keep two eyes on easily-distracted Blake

Meanwhile, Jacob brings his son Blake to work with him so he can keep an eye on the teenager. With the ED in chaos while the medical team deals with the bus crash, paramedic Sam Nicholls suggests Blake studies at the ambulance station where it’s quieter. Will Jacob appreciate her offer?

Also this week, clinical lead Connie Beauchamp is taking her duties as carer for goldfish Mrs B very seriously! While doctor Ellie Gardner notices some unusual behaviour from Connie, who requests Louise brings her a heart monitor…