Accused of vandalism by Alicia, Priya fights back. Warning the single mum that a much better way to hurt her would be to tell Jacob that Leyla’s his real mum, Priya rattles Alicia. Knowing she must act before her enemy strikes, Alicia tells her beloved little boy that his real mum is actually her sister, Leyla. Devastated, in the dead of night, Jacob creeps out of the house with his stuff in a bag.

Savvy Moira twigs Cain was behind the Home Farm car thefts. When her fiancé reveals that his accomplice has let him keep most of the cash, will it impress her? Or has Cain just risked his relationship in a bid to save the farm?

Hating to see her daughter hurting, Kerry calls round to Joanie’s to try to persuade her to let Amy see Kyle.