So, Leyla has Jacob tucked away in a B&B in Leeds and has told him he can’t phone Alicia. Jacob’s not having any of that, though. Alicia’s his mum – even though Auntie Leyla has some weird ideas she’s been sharing with him that might seem to suggest otherwise. Jacob texts Alicia and Leyla’s adventure is over. But not before she has totally confused Jacob. David finds them and forces Leyla back to Emmerdale with Jacob, where furious Alicia greets her with a slap and a slanging match.

Charity’s had a few slanging matches with Nikhil and tends to win them, but she can’t break the bond between Jai and his brother. That’s been eating away at Charity; she thinks she should be Jai’s business partner and bed partner. So she decides to set Nikhil up for a fall while she and Jai are on holiday. The wicked woman sneakily increases factory orders on the computer then turns the staff against Nikhil before swanning off.

Zak turns on Amy and gives her a lecture about thieving – not how to steal but how you don’t steal from your own family. Trouble is, Amy has already stolen from Val and Pollard…