When Alicia bumps into Priya in the village, she takes the opportunity to confront her about her feelings for David. Convinced that Priya’s after her man, Alicia says that she and David will move away from the village if she continues to pursue him. Priya’s furious, but when she tells her dad Rishi, she’s thrown to realise that it’s not just Alicia who thinks she’s making a play for David. Later, Priya makes a big decision about her future – she wants an arranged marriage!

After Donna and Ross pulled off a burglary, which saw them walk away with a bundle of loot, things took a passionate turn. But Ross was disappointed when Donna told him that the robbery was a one-off and she wanted nothing else to do with him… But after tempting Donna into the bedroom last night, he tries to tempt Donna into joining him on another job.

Ahead of Belle’s sentencing on Friday, Lisa wonders what the future holds for her daughter and the rest of the family. Meanwhile, Sean spots Donna giving Sam a lift to the police station and is shocked to learn that Sam is being charged for attempting to flee with his sister. Lisa and Zak, however, are left in the dark about what’s happened to Sam.