Alicia’s losing the fight for Jacob

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear… What a mess Alicia has got herself into – and it’s only herself and her temper to blame. She tries to put on her party face for The Woolpack’s Jubilee knees-up, but she soon has a face like thunder when her ex, Justin (Jacob’s dad), turns up – with his bride to be! Alicia gets Justin on his own and explains her problem: she hit Val, could go to prison and needs someone to look after Jacob. Justin thinks he’ll be doing that, but Alicia thinks Jacob will be better off staying with David. Really? David knows nothing of this idea until he walks in on Alicia and Justin. Justin tells David he’s not having Jacob, then he turns on Alicia and points out that she’s not even Jacob’s biological mother. Uh-oh. That sounds like fighting talk…

Zak starts to fight for his family, but is he up to it? He tells the doctors his family needs him and he wants to go home. The doctors aren’t sure, the Dingles are shocked, but Zak has made up his (fragile) mind.

Laurel has made up her mind about how to tackle her mounting debt: she asks Nicola to tackle Declan about her overdue rent.