Fed up with Leyla having all the big news – engagement, wedding – Alicia is thrilled to have some of her own and tells Leyla she and Andy got a big surprise for her. Oooooh, could it be a special engagement present? Get real, Leyla! This is your self-absorbed sister, Alicia. And her surprise is that she and Andy are moving to Spain – with Jacob, Leyla’s son, the son she’s just getting to know.

Charity is a little shaken when Jai tells Ella she can stay at his place for as long as she needs. Ella’s a tricky customer and not one Charity wants to have to deal with on a daily basis. Not knowing exactly what Ella has done, Charity tells her to stand up for herself and go home to her daughter. Ella does, too.

But Declan is still on the warpath. He visits farmer John and Moira and makes it clear that they can still do business, but only as long as Mia’s kept in the dark. Then he goes home and finds Ella there. She wants to see Mia. But Declan wants her gone and throws her out – again – in front of Mia and Dermot.

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