Alisha refuses to testify

As Sergeant Smithy chases after the speeding car that has just hit Alisha Danniels, Pc Nate Roberts tends to the unconscious teenager. Later at the hospital, Smithy is devastated when Alisha wakes up and says she’s now too scared to testify against the key suspects for Carly Samuels’ murder, Tito Morientes and Dwayne Fox.

Pc Emma Keane and Nate visit the owner of the hit-and-run car, Amolak Tahir, and they are suspicious when he claims he was car-jacked by a teenager. When Emma and Nate discover that Amolak sells bullets on the Jasmine Allen Estate, he’s forced to provide the names of everyone who is dealing firearms.

Elsewhere, car-jacker Danny Pearce is brought into Sun Hill, accompanied by his older brother Joel. Danny admits to the hit-and-run, but the officers aren’t convinced he’s telling the truth, and when Joel disappears from the station, Danny admits that Joel was in the car with him and made him drive.

At the hospital, Smithy shows Joel’s picture to Alisha, who identifies him as the third man in the car on the night of Carly’s murder.

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