India finds out that Texas is being paid to be a bridesmaid at Alistair and Cindy’s wedding. She tries to convince her sister that she’s only taking part so that she can sabotage the big day. India doesn’t believe a word of it, Texas is doing it for cold hard cash. India decides to enlist Alistair’s mum to help sabotage the wedding, after all she’s done it before.

Jacqui presents Cindy with her wedding dress – it’s hideous. Jacqui says she might have just the thing. But Cindy warns Jacqui that she’s getting paid a lot to arrange this wedding, so she’d better get it right.

Jacqui reminds Cindy that the only the reason she’s involved in this wedding, is because Cindy took the credit when Myra saved Alistair’s life. So, unless Cindy wants him to find out the truth, she’ll have to pay up and shut up.

Also; Jack admits to Darren that the house is on the market and convinces him to keep the secret form Frankie and Steph. Steph and Frankie are furious when they discover the house really is up for sale but both are reassured when Jack convinces them not to worry, he’s going to buy the house himself.

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