All eyes are on Henk

Concerned that Henk and Martha are spending the night together at the diner apartment, Rachel camps outside the next morning, and is dismayed to see Henk emerge from the apartment. She unburdens herself to Alf, but learns Henk has simply moved into the spare room until the wedding. Rachel confronts Henk who assures her he’s a changed man, but she’s not convinced.

Henk pays Rachel a visit and tells her he’s decided to come clean to Brad about what happened and if necessary, the police. Rachel begins to consider that Henk may have changed and says he doesn’t have to tell Brad. Meanwhile, Cassie is impressed with Henk’s philosophical outlook, but insists to Rachel she’s got no romantic interest in him.

Now staying with Tony and Lucas, Geoff is concerned about Annie living alone with Bruce, and is further concerned when he discovers she is doing all his former chores around the farm. Geoff visits Bruce but is made to feel like an outcast.

Elsewhere, Lucas also worries about Annie when she fails to show up to a tutor session. He heads to the farm and finds her locked in a room. He manages to free her, only to encounter Bruce with a shotgun…

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